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Meet Lisa

"Everything I do is B.I.G.G.! People feel it, catch it and remember it." 

As a Public Speaker, Lisa is known for presenting information with confidence, passion, excitement and humor. She's a highly sought after public speaker with a fun-loving persona. With an inspirational and motivating presentation style, Lisa enjoys engaging with audiences of all ages. 

As an Emcee, Lisa believes that being normal is boring. Her skilled observational humor and improvisation connects Lisa with audiences, creating an inviting atmosphere for excitement, fun and laughter. With a friendly disposition and presentation of excellence, Lisa has the ability to run events in a timely fashion with seamless transitions.

As a Workshop Trainer and Curriculum Developer, she has more than eight years’ experience in training and development. Lisa has the keen ability to create and present customized workshop trainings that enlighten, empower and equip women with practical tools and knowledge to accomplish personal and professional goals with faith, balance and success.

As a Certified Professional Life Coach for Women, Lisa's purpose is: "To enlighten, empower and equip women how to move from where they are to where they want to be, one B.I.G.G., practical step at a time." Lisa offers a personalized christian approach, tailored to each individual in a supportive and non-judgmental space, to help women create a purpose filled life.

Lisa has created a community both online and in person of women who desire to live their best, B.I.G.G., lives independently and together. The mentorship she provides to new women entrepreneurs is a passion of hers to see women succeed in pursuing their dreams. Lisa believes the key to success and living your best, B.I.G.G., life on purpose is having faith in God, believing in yourself and the beauty of your dreams!

Lisa is also a Professional Certified Life Coach for women and a Life Coach Supervisor. She is credentialed and certified by Dr. Larry Gilliam, Ed.D., Ph.D., LPC-S, LCPC, CSC with the Dayspring Institute for Training & Development. 


Lisa is married to the love of her life, Daryl and they have an adorable fur-baby named Chance. 


Click here to book Lisa McPhail for your next B.I.G.G., event!

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