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The Living B.I.G.G. Workshop Experience


Passion Into Purpose

Do you feel there’s more to life than what you’re currently doing? Having unsettling thoughts that you’ve missed your opportunity, you’re too old and it’s too late? Not sure how to discover your passion and transform it into purpose? I have good news, there’s HOPE and this event is tailored made for YOU!

The purpose of The Living B.I.G.G. Workshop Experience is to Enlighten, Empower and Equip women with practical tools and knowledge to successfully transform their passion into purpose filled action. God is a BIG God, who created a BIG world in which He intends for us to live a B.I.G.G. life!

This power packed workshop will uncover how you can effectively turn your passion into purpose, accomplish personal and professional goals with faith, balance and success. 


This workshop will also give you a map on how to live your best, B.I.G.G. life on purpose! 


If you're ready to put pen to paper and feet to pavement...this event is for YOU! Soon you'll be declaring, #IAmBIGG too!

Stay tuned!

The 2020 Living B.I.G.G. Workshop Experience coming SOON!

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