Meet Lisa

Lisa is the Founder of B.I.G.G., (Believable, Impactful, Guaranteed, Growth), Enterprises.She has a diverse and expansive professional background with skill sets that range from public speaking, emceeing, improv event management, TV hosting, workshop trainings, curriculum designer + developer, voiceover artist, radio personality and psalmist. (She wears many hats but her focus is always people and purpose).

B.I.G.G. Services

There’s great value in hiring a professional to make your event memorable. Look no further, book Lisa McPhail for your next B.I.G.G., life experience today!

Life Coach for Women

As a Certified Professional Life Coach for Women, Lisa's purpose is: "To enlighten, empower and equip women how to move from where they are to where they want to be, one B.I.G.G., practical step at a time.


Live B.I.G.G. With Lisa

Wear it like you live it! There’s no better way to spread positivity and share with the world that you are living your best, B.I.G.G., life on purpose!


Queen Kumfa-Smith

Founder at Open Seat

"Lisa! Lisa! Lisa! You are simply AMAZING! We were so blessed to have you Emcee our event! Thank you for showing up today with your whole heart and filling our hearts with great joy! We love you deeply!"

Regina L. Burns

Principal PR Strategist at Harvest Reapers Communications

"Lisa's soft skills and customer service training presentation was creative, fun and informative. She took boring content and brought it to life. She had us laughing at all of her clever stories. Lisa is the go-to customer service trainer who will get the message across using memorable, creative and certainly professional presentation tactics. It was the best presentation on soft skills and customer service I have ever seen."

Ebony King 

Founder at Tabitha's Tea Party

"Listen, if you are looking for an emcee that just gets it 🗣book @lisa.mcphail! She was the perfect mixture of scripture, humor, love, and class. She was phenomenal!! We cried and laughed and cried and laughed. Thank you Lisa for being simply amazing!"

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Helping women create B.I.G.G., life experiences!

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